Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#5Faves: Post-Holiday, Pre-Spring Edition

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I’ve been reading lately from so many people that they hate winter/January/February/the-time-between-New-Years-and-spring. To be honest, I just don’t get the hate! I love winter. It is (usually) my favorite season, and made even better when snow decides to make a regular appearance (still waiting for that rain to turn into snow here...). I find that there is so much about this time that I enjoy, so here are my #5Faves about this post-holiday, pre-Spring time of year (also known as January and February... and sometimes March... and depending on where you live, April too).


Snow, snow, snow! When snow is forecasted, most people are all:

...and I'm all:

I love me some snow days. Maybe I'll change my mind someday if I have kids, but for now, I have a love-love-LOVE relationship with snow. We haven't gotten much snow here this season, but we've been known to get an unexpected blizzard or two or three in February, so I haven't given up hope yet. Snow just takes me back to childhood, when I'd wake up to the world blanketed in white. Building a snowman and making a fort to have a snowball fight with your friends down the street and making snow angels and getting snow in crevices of your body you didn’t even know you had and then finishing it all off with a nice hot mug of hot chocolate! I know you remember those days too, and I bet you one snow angel that you remember them fondly!


Federal holidays, anyone? So this most likely doesn’t apply to those who stay at home or who work a retail or customer service job, but this is our prime season of federal holidays at work. New Year’s Day, MLK Day, President’s Day… this time of year ends a long string of holidays off that started in September, until we go into the long haul of post-President’s Day to Memorial Day. It’s a long three months of no holidays. Real long.


Take it easy. If you just started singing that song in your head, either you're welcome or I'm sorry! For many of us, the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is filled with lots and lots of travel (and if you stay put, the season is still insanely busy). I flew home for half a week for Thanksgiving, only to drive back three weeks later for Christmas. I love traveling, but it’s exhausting, so the couple of months after the holidays are so relaxing for me. I still find ways to keep busy, but it’s less flying/driving and more curling up with a good book or TV show, visiting with friends who are close by, seeing lots of movies, and getting my craftiness on. I feel like no one expects much of you in January and February, and so it’s the perfect excuse to let your inner introvert reign supreme!


Bubble bubble, toil and trouble! Except there is no toil and trouble in the kind of bubble I'm talking about - bubble baths!
I love bubble baths - rub a dub dub, just me in the tub. I enjoy a glass of wine and a good book or Amazon Prime while I'm soaking along. Nothing feels quite like soaking in some hot suds when it's cold outside, which is why winter is amazing. You just can't enjoy a nice long bubble bath in the heat of not-winter like you can while it's cold outside! 


Get your fashion on! I just love winter fashion. Dresses/skirts with tights; boots galore; sweaters and cardigans of all colors; scarves of every pattern... oh my! These are a few of my favorite things. While I have tried to get away with wearing these things in not-winter as my office operates in sub-zero temperatures during the summer, it just doesn’t work because it feels about 100 degrees outside. You can only look completely adorable in a dress/tights/boots/cardi/scarf combo in these months - any other month, and you look completely insane.

What do you love about this post-holiday, pre-spring time of year?
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