Being Single Series

If you are interested in writing a guest post for the series, please send me an email at spiritualworkoutblog @! I would love to hear perspectives from men and women at any state in their lives - single, in a relationship, engaged, married, discerning, or religious!

Also be sure to check out the tags for Being Single Series and Being Single (which include posts written before the Being Single series) to stay up to date with all the latest posts.

Posts that I Wrote:

Being Single Series!


Dealing with Rejection: Catholic Style!

This One's for the Boys

*Being* Single

Don't Wait for the Wedding

Guest Posts:

Rest in Him by Trista

Christ, My Wingman by Julie

Awaiting my Vocation by Emily

Reflections on the Single Life... from a Happily Married Woman by Mary

The Single Life: Right vs. Good by Amanda

The Myth, The Legend, "The One" by Amanda


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