Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bucket List - DC Edition

The following is my bucket list for the time I am living in DC, however long that may be. Things will be added and taken away, and I appreciate any suggestions for things to do in the DC area.

  1. Seeing the Sites
    1. Go on a White House tour
    2. Visit all the Smithsonian Museums
    3. Tour the Capitol Building
    4. Tour the Library of Congress
    5. Take my picture in front of the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building (or even better... get a picture inside!)
  2. Doing the DC Thing
    1. See the lighting of the National Christmas Tree
    2. Ride each Metro line in its entirety
    3. Take the ferry boat from Old Town Alexandria to DC
    4. Learn how to drive like I'm a native/manage to not get lost while driving through the city
  3. Out and About
    1. Take a campus tour of GWU
    2. Take a campus tour of Georgetown's historic campus
    3. Bike ride along the Potomac
    4. Spend a day in Mount Vernon Get a season pass!
    5. Go on the ghost tour in Old Town Alexandria
    6. Kayak on the Potomac River
  4. Entertainment
    1. Attend a show at the Kennedy Center
    2. See all the Shakespeare plays I have not yet seen
    3. Go to a Capitals hockey game
    4. Catch a fly ball at a Nationals baseball game
  5. Food
    1. Find a place that serves REAL Cincinnati chili (other than my own kitchen)
    2. Find a Mexican place with the food of Fiesta Charra and the margarita night of El Burrito Loco Found it!
    3. Figure out what the hype is with Ben's Chili Bowl
    4. Go on a brewery tour
    5. Tour some of the vineyards and wineries in Northern VA
  6. Being Me in the Big City
    1. Run around to all the filming locations for National Treasure and pretend that I am looking for the lost Templar treasure with the assistance of the adorable Riley Poole
    2. Go on a National Treasure 2 tour of Mount Vernon
  7. Spiritual Workout in DC
    1. Attend Mass at all of the Catholic Churches in DC
    2. Visit the Monastery of Mount St. Sepulchre


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