Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (#11)

  1. I posted about Home this week, and it makes me think of the Michael Bublé song. Enjoy, and you're welcome.
  2. I know most people reading this are probably here from Conversion Diary... but her post this week on spiritual dry spells just really hit the spot... just like the one she posted on discerning God's will last week. It's like God is speaking to me through a blogger. Blows. My. Mind.
  3. Speaking of blowing my mind, Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI blows my mind about every other paragraph or so. If you haven't taken the time to pick up this book and read it, you should do so, especially since, as I like to call it, Jesus the Sequel comes out on Ash Wednesday! Unlike most sequels, it promises to be awesome... the Passion, the Resurrection... can't get much better than that!
  4. Speaking of Ash Wednesday... which is not part of ordinary time... ADVENT IS COMING UP!!! I love Advent. Such a great season!!
  5. Do you ever find yourself making really weird leaps in your head? That totally make sense to you, but probably not to everyone else? I tend to do that a lot. So if you didn't follow my Ash Wednesday to Advent transition, sorry about that. Welcome to an inside look at my brain. It's a pretty crazy place.
  6. I also just discovered amazingly amazing mp3 deals on Amazon this week. I think I got about 100 songs for FREE, like Sister Hazel and Veggie Tales Christmas (one is never too old for some Veggie Tales!), and I also got the new Taylor Swift album for $2.99... I am just in love. I can't believe I've been spending full price on iTunes for so long!
  7. Music is such a big part of my life - it's sometimes one of the only ways I can get myself to relax, focus, and reflect on my day - and it's such a powerful way to pray! Have any good music recommendations for me? 
Have a great weekend! I will be enjoying some much needed relaxation and prayer time!


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