Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (#26)

Jen had a baby! So go visit Conversion Diary... maybe there will be some cute baby pictures up!
  1. Long time, no talk! I don't really have a valid excuse for my long absence, as I still have been unable to find any kind of job, so I do spend a lot of time sitting around looking for jobs (and watching TV) and trying to not spend money (and watching TV). It seems whenever my schedule is so incredibly flexible that I put things like catching up on everything happening in blog world to the side. But fear not! I have a couple of posts in the making, one talking a little bit about my retreat and one is that Scripture meme going around (I was tagged by Trista too long ago... good thing they don't have an expiration date!). I also am working on a new blog layout... I am a bit of a perfectionist so I hope to have it just the way I like it soon!
  2. Just a quick mention about my retreat since my actual post is so delayed - my silent retreat went well, although it was a lot more difficult that I imagined, but more on that later! Thanks to everyone who remembered to pray for me - I prayed for your intentions every day at Mass!
  3. The job search is chugging along. I haven't been able to find anything really temporary even yet, and full time work just hasn't finished getting through the application process. I have had a few interviews for temporary work, so hopefully that will come rolling in soon! Pray for my job search? My sanity (and my bank account) would be very grateful!
  4. Speaking of job searching, I am looking for a job in chemistry, and I've found (so far) that they best way to get my name in is through connections. So, a request. Do any of you or anyone you know work in the field of chemistry? If you do, could I send you my resume? Also feel free to check out my profile on Linked In and pass it on to anyone you know!
  5. I find scruffiness handsome. Keep that in mind, future suitors!
  6. Check out this great post that I found through Why I'm Catholic, which talks about how Christians become atheists. Simple answer - they start to think about objective truth, and in their search, they end up in the opposite direction of Truth. 
  7. I've been watching a lot of TV shows on DVD lately, because they're free from the library! I have long been a fan of the TV show Merlin from the BBC, so now I picked up another BBC show from a few years back called Robin Hood. It's really quirky, and quite cheesy, but I enjoy it (okay, I also admit that I find the actor who plays Robin very handsome). I think British humor just really resonates with my sense of humor (my British friend back home would definitely agree with this - she finds my dry sense of humor ha-larious!). Maybe I should just move to England where I can be immersed in British humor all day. I do sometimes miss living in London!
  8. Finally, I have to give a shout out to Leila, because not only does she have some great posts this week, but she also is mailing me a copy of the book Unplanned by Abby Johnson. It's been on my reading list for awhile, and I do have a lot of free time to spend reading by the pool, so I can't wait to get it. You rock, Leila!

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see your Scripture post & hear more about the retreat! God bless as you job search!


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