Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Since those of us who are active in the Catholic blogosphere tend to spend a lot of time contemplating very deep thoughts relating to the Church, moral issues, and secular culture, I thought I would lighten it up a bit with some "deep thoughts" that have often plagued my mind.

(No, seriously, I have spent time contemplating things on this list during my metro commute, in the shower, at work, and as I try to fall asleep at night. I do not jest.)

Please feel free to add your own "deep thoughts" in the comments, as I will continue to update this post as new thoughts monopolize my time.


  • In Canada, if "about" sounds like "abOOt", when you are about to "boot" up your computer, are you actually abOOT to "bout" up your computer?

  • If we're going to sell hot dog buns and hot dogs in different amounts, then why do they sell shampoo and conditioner in the same size bottle? Elizabeth calls this the "Disproportionate End of Bottle Syndrome." It is a tragic syndrome to have.

  • How do people who are blind buy new clothes? Do they worry about buying clothing with patterns and different colors?

  • If a bird figured out how to update its Twitter account, would it still be called a "tweet"? What if the bird tweets the word "chirp"?


  1. If an iPod runs out of battery in a forest, can anyone anywhere hear the music?

    Brilliant thoughts, Liesl! Now I'll never go to sleep!

  2. Is it a lie to wear an "I heart NY" shirt when you really don't heart NY?


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