Friday, September 9, 2011

Faulty Logic of the Pro-Choice Movement

There is a great post about the awkwardness of being pro-choice up over at BadCatholic. Be sure to go read it.

I especially found the following video interesting, which includes commentary from those who identify as pro-choice.

Some of their statements absolutely astound me. I think my favorite reason to support abortion happens at about 1:04 in the video:
"Unless you're... unless you're gonna start adopting all of these kids that are gonna be born, I dunno what we're gonna do! We don't have the... the maintenance..."
Point 1: She says "all of these kids that are gonna be born" - she acknowledges that these are KIDS, not fetuses or clumps of tissue or a parasitic attachment inside the woman's body... yet, she is still alright with killing these kids because we don't have the "maintenance" to take care of them.

Point 2: Who ever said that we don't want to adopt all of these kids that are going to be born? It can be difficult to find concrete statistics on those wanting to adopt, but the US Department of Health and Human Services showed that in 2002:
  • 18.5 million women had ever considered adoption (1/3 of all American women at that time)
  • Of those who had considered it, 2.6 million had taken concrete steps toward adoption, 2.1 million of these women which were married
  • Of those who took steps towards adoption, 614,000 had actually been able to adopt a child.
In that same year (2002), it was reported by the CDC that there were 854,122 abortions (excluding those in the states of NH and CA, so it's probably much larger than this reported value) while the Guttmacher Institute reported 1.269 million abortions.

Let's look at the numbers for a minute here. 2.6 million women took steps towards adopting a child in 2002, and only 614,000 were successful. Meanwhile, a little over a million lives were abruptly ended in that same year. Doing some quick mental math, I calculate that there were twice as many women seeking to adopt than there were abortions in that same year.

So, Miss Pro-Choice, your premise is flawed and faulty, because, you see, for every child aborted in that year, there were approximately two women hoping to adopt a child of their own. We do have the maintenance to take care of these children, so stop using it as an argument to support your cause, because it is not reasonable. I can only imagine, now that more than half the country identifies as pro-life, that the numbers of those wanting or willing to adopt (especially given the alternative of abortion) have only increased (and I hope to keep doing some research to find more recent statistics).

Point 3: This goes along with Point 2. I do not have a job, and I do not have a husband, so I am not in the position to offer a child the home and life that every child deserves. However, if another person ever presented me with the decision to choose between only 2 options:
  1. This baby will be aborted; or
  2. You, Liesl, can personally adopt this baby. But only you, and no one else. Otherwise, Option 1 holds;
I would choose Option 2. I'd find some way to make it work. I think that there are at least a few million people in this country that would agree with me.


  1. This video made my stomach turn. Such anger in their voices. So sad. :(

  2. Conservamom - I completely had the same feeling. That's one thing that I've noticed, especially at the March for Life. The 10 pro-choicers who show up to protest are so angry and argumentative, and while sometimes the pro-life people lose their temper, we have reasoned arguments on our side, so we don't need to be angry!

  3. It is sad but it's also so comforting to know that God hears our prayers and they're starting to bear fruit especially with Planned Parenthood.

    (It's not letting me comment as my profile, weird)

  4. Idiots on all sides...LOL


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