Monday, February 24, 2014

Who are you and what have you done with Liesl?

Well, it's happening.

Someone must have kidnapped me and swapped my brain for another's, because I've decided to take on the challenge with Conversion Diary and pretty much the rest of the Catholic blogging world to write 7 posts in 7 days.

Yes. 7 consecutive days.

As I've barely managed to write something once a month in the past months, this could be interesting... so why am I doing this? Other than because I was kidnapped and replaced with someone else who looks and acts just like me in every way except she blogs like a fiend?

It will give me something to do. If I were to write a "Day in the Life" post, it would go something like this: Liesl wakes up. Liesl gets ready for work. Liesl goes to work. Liesl pretends to work does her work. Liesl goes home. Liesl watches TV. Liesl takes a bubble bath. Liesl goes to bed. Are you still awake? Good, I'm glad at least one of us is. One of the things I've loved about blogging over the years is that it gives me something to do (planning posts, reflecting on my topic, writing, editing, etc.) and connects me to other people; and this is something that I miss the most about not blogging as much. I can pretty much guarantee that I will not blog every single day after this week long excursion, but I am hoping it re-ignites some of that enjoyment I've had in the past... and in the least, it will give me something to do for a week besides taking lots and lots of bubble baths.

It will help me fight perfectionism. The reason I don't post as much as I used to (or ever...) is because I am a perfectionist. It's my one and only tragic flaw, I know... I come up with a great idea for a blog post, I write most of it out, and then it sits in unpublished land for forever because it isn't perfect. It's not good enough to publish yet or it doesn't have the right voice or it's a topic that I'm not sure I want to share with the world... take your pick. My perfectionist nature is keeping me from doing something I enjoy doing! So here's to fighting the good fight against being perfect... and hitting the bright orange Publish button.

It will help me cut down on the list of drafts... which seems to keep growing in size faster than my belly when confronted with lots of chocolate cake. Or, on the other hand, maybe those drafts are still drafts because they are terrible ideas and should never see the light of the interwebs. In that case, I'm going to need some blogging ideas, so you have anything you would like me (or look-alike me) to write about, let me know!

Will you join us crazy kids on this 7 day journey? You know, the blog party never ends, and tomorrow we gonna blog it all again!

I know, I know. That was terrible. Therefore, if you do join us, I promise to reference Ke$ha no more than once per blog post. If you don't, I'll have  to devote an entire post to the Catholicity all up in Ke$ha's music. So, to save me from having to write that and you all from having to pretend to read it, please join in on the fun!


  1. Haha your day sounds kind of like mine - and kind of like most people's. You wouldn't know it if you spend much time on Catholic women's blogs though would you? ;)

    I found your blog through the link up, so at least you got some more readers!

    1. I know what you mean! Even the mom blogs sound pretty much like my day-in-the-life, except the "goes to work" part is substituted with "always at work chasing those kiddos"!

      Thanks for stopping by! I love link ups because I get to "meet" new people!

  2. Perfectionism is what has stopped my blog from ever developing, which is why I LOVE this challenge. It's really pushing me to publish even if I think my post is "too long", "doesn't get the message across", "sounds too depressing", etc.


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