Thursday, December 16, 2010

UN-Planned Parenthood

I sometimes wonder where Planned Parenthood got it's name... aren't most of the people that use their "services" there for an UN-Planned Parenthood? Just something that's always confused me...

Anyway, Planned Parenthood just released their 2008-2009 annual report. I recommend checking out CMR and Red State for more information, but this graphic pretty much sums it up in my opinion:

What do I get from this?

1. Our government (i.e. our tax dollars) are funding abortions.
2. The more government money given to Planned Parenthood, the more abortions they perform.

According to this report, adoption referrals were given only 3% of the time... what happened to the other 97%? Well, those babies were aborted.

I'm sorry, how many people do we have that wait years on a list to adopt a baby? I think I'm missing something here. Is it more profitable for Planned Parenthood to abort a precious life than it is to refer the mother to adoption services? I just really can't wrap my head around the reasoning as to why these numbers are so skewed.

Let us hope that all those children are in heaven praying for all those mothers who are considering an abortion and for our country, especially those in a position of power. It's time for a change. I do not want a penny of my taxes being given to Planned Parenthood anymore. It's time to put a stop to this. Let's hope the new Congress is ready to get things done.


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