Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (#18)

  1. I write these Quick Takes as I sit in my Thursday evening class... I'm totally gonna win the prize for most attentive student EVER!
  2. This week, I found two parishes near my apartment that have Perpetual Adoration. I checked out the chapel at St. Michael's and it's AWESOME! I was there for about 45 minutes and there were probably about 20 people in and out during my time there, mostly old ladies. I really am amazed how they are able to get adorers signed up 24/7! Anyway, I found them through my diocesan website, through the Mass and Adoration search bar. Check out your diocese and see if you have a chapel nearby too!
  3. I shared my personal faith journey with the students at our weekly dinners at the Newman Center on Tuesday. It was a good experience for me to reflect on my past, present, and future, and organize it in a logical manner. I think a lot of the students were able to relate to a lot of my journey. 
  4. I think eventually I will have to write an ode to my Friday morning students... because I love them that much. 
  5. When I was tutoring high school students last year, I did a lot of praying for patience and it was amazing how much more patient I have become. So I think I need to start praying for patience again in dealing with those lovely Friday students.
  6. Speaking of patience, one of the girl scout moms told me a few weeks ago that I have the "patience of a saint"... I laughed so hard. Probably the wrong response, but I have never been described as having the patience of a saint. Or really any patience for that matter! I think maybe I've just become really good at holding my lack of patience inside instead of just taking the scissors from the girls and cutting the paper for them myself!
  7. I have decided that I really like British shows. Mostly Merlin, but I got hooked on Downton Abbey as well. I think British humor just tends to be a bit dryer and weirder at times which is pretty much how my sense of humor is too. 


  1. That's great that you found parishes that have Perpetual Adoration. I'm going to Adoration tonight!

    And yes, I did listen to the podcast on Mormonism. I have a friend who is Catholic but is heavily involved with the LDS, too. For years she dated a Mormon and is very enamored of their family structure. I'm trying to figure out how to gently introduce her to material that examines the LDS critically.

  2. That's not the first time I've heard something like that happening! What is it about LDS that is so appealing to young people, I wonder?


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