Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boys vs. Girls

Ever wonder why God created boys and girls so... well... different?

Unfortunately, this is not a post about John Paul II's Theology of the Body... at least, not purposely. I recently came across a situation through two discussions - between two girls and between a girl and a boy - that made me think about the God's purpose of creating us male and female, of creating us to be different. This idea - and the necessity of it - is often lost in secular culture with talks of extreme equality and tolerance. Good thing we have daily reminders such as these to help us remember.


Girl Version

Girl 1: How did your thing the other day go?

Girl 2: *forlorn sigh* It was... *interesting*

Girl 1: What happened?

Girl 2: It was fun but very stressful and confusing...

Conversation continues for about 20 minutes, where the two ladies talk about their feelings and advice is passed along for the good of all. Tears are most likely shed, and reassuring words are said to let Girl 2 know that God has a plan, even if it remains unknown for the time being. In a perfect world, the conversation would end with the eating of chocolate and a shopping spree.

Boy Version

Boy: Oh hey, how was your thing the other day?

Girl: *exasperated sigh* It was... *interesting* [said with a sad, exasperated, and probably scary-looking (to a boy) face]

Boy: Oh. Sorry.

Boy runs away.

20 minutes later...

Girl: Sorry about earlier. It was a confusing day and...

Boy: (interrupting) No problem, don't worry about it. I totally understand, been there.

Boy changes subject. In a perfect world, this subject would include discussing the latest bargains found at TJMaxx, but in reality, it is probably about sports, TV shows, or asking when dinner will be ready.


From these observations, I have been able to conclude the following:
  1. God has a sense of humor - Imagine God at creation: "What can I do to make things more entertaining... Aha! I know!"* If anything, God gets a good chuckle out of all of this.
  2. Boys do not like to talk about emotions - They do, however, like to run away. That must be how they stay so lean and muscular.
  3. Girls like to talk... about anything - They also can be easily sidetracked by shoe shopping and choco... Pardon the interruption. The blog author has apparently left the room in search of chocolate.
  4. 20 minutes or 20 seconds, both conversations are exactly what needs to be heard - These differences between boys and girls are each reassuring in their own unique way:
    • It took 20 minutes to discuss those pesky emotions, analyze every corner of the situation, hear advice based on past experiences, and share in a mutual understanding - while also (hopefully) sharing a delicious bar of chocolate - all of which makes everyone feel more clarity.
    • In 20 seconds, the boy was able to convey to the girl that he understood what she was going through. Even though it wasn't discussed in detail and (unfortunately) there wasn't any chocolate, those words of "I understand, been there" passed on a similar feeling of mutual understanding - without having to deal with an awkward discussion of those pesky emotions. Crisis averted!, thinks the boy. Surprisingly, I feel better..., thinks the girl.

Ah, the never-ending battle of boys vs. girls. But maybe that's all part of God's master plan...

*Thank goodness this isn't the way creation panned out... or is it?!?! Will we ever know? Perhaps this will be the next Creation vs. Evolution debate...

If this were Miami hockey... I'd totally be there with the guys... except I wouldn't have been created yet.


  1. Excellent post Liesl! though i will say, as a GW student you should know that guys dont mind talking about their feelings. example: a guy in a class at GW raises hand: "I feel like china and Russia are our biggest threats." ergo- your argument is destroyed!!! :D haha im sorry i trashed all of your arguments. keep up the blogging!

  2. Oh Matt... thoughts and opinions are not the same as feelings! Haha. Maybe I should clarify... boys don't like to discuss girl emotions. How's that?


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