Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (#28)

Thanks to Jen for hosting!
  1. Do you know what is happening 1 week from today? If you guessed the official end of my childhood, then you would be correct. The final installment of the HARRY POTTER movies comes out at midnight next Friday. I'll be at the theater.... will you? 
  2. Actually, I will be at a theater in Ohio with my sisters... we've been to some of the midnight shows together before and I thought for the last movie, I would rather be at home with them to see it! We'll be wearing the "I've been Pottered" t-shirts I made in the summer of 2007...
  3. Apparently we liked to pretend that we didn't like each other back then. 
  4. Can we just speak about how this is the end of my childhood for a moment? I first discovered the books in some random bookstore before they were popular here in the U.S. I can't remember what year I started reading them, but I must have been in middle school, so it would've been about 12 years ago. I was hooked, and began patiently awaiting the release of each book after that.  Even though I continued to anxiously await the new books and movies through college and beyond, I really have grown up with this series! 
  5. Yes, I would have been almost 21 years old in this picture... but the heart of a child, for sure!
  6. I used to re-read the books right before a new movie came out, but I decided not to this time. When the first Deathly Hallows movie came out, I read the book again a few months before instead of right before, and I found I enjoyed the movie so much more. I think for past movies, I would sometimes finish the book again the day that the movie came out, and so it would be fresh in my mind, and then I would be disappointed that they cut a certain part or portrayed a scene differently than I always imagined it. So I've opted to enjoy this final movie to the best of my ability!
  7. Is this cruel? I've always thought that to give my future kids the excitement that I had growing up with Harry Potter, I would get them hooked on the first few books, then make them wait a year or two before reading the next... you know, to build up the excitement!
  8. I'm not obsessed with Harry Potter in the least... are there any other Harry Potter fans out there? What is your favorite Harry memory? I think mine would be cracking open the books for the first time, or crying at the ending of the 7th book (while my roommate told me to go away for 3 days until he finished the book!), or being able to enjoy all the hype with my friends and family. No, wait, it might be finally seeing Daniel Radcliffe learn how to express emotion... it only took him five movies to learn how to laugh and cry (my sisters' and my favorite from Prisoner of Azkaban - "He was their friend!" *heavy breathy grunt and clench teeth*).
  9. Me, totally not excited at all to get my copy of the 7th book from the library.
  10. I didn't intend to devote this whole Quick Takes to Harry Potter... but then again, I do have a blog tag for it. Just to shake things up, 4th of July was great - I avoided the metro, but will have to tell you what I discovered about driving... but that will have to wait until another post!
  11. My view was much better than this would seem...


  1. If I hadn't been tired last night, I would have totally written more about Harry Potter. I love the series to death...totally read something HP-related every day from the ages of 12 - 20! When Ron and Hermione kissed, I cried on the floor for 30 minutes out of pure joy and relief! Whenever I'm lonely, I take them out to read again...they're my escape. I almost don't want to see the last installment because's over. But, as J.K. said in the video I posted, the best stories live on with the people who love them, and that's certainly true. I've been so delighted and inspired by the HP characters for the past years! They'll be with me forever!

  2. I LOVE this post! I am a Potter nerd too. I didn't start reading the books until I was in college and working as a camp counselor (the summer the fifth book came out), but once I started reading them, there was no going back!

    My dh and I are hiring a babysitter to watch our baby so we can go next week. I am re-reading 7 right now. AHHHH! We named our scruffy, black, rescue dog Sirius.

    I'm trying to convince my DH that going to the wizarding world of HP would be a very romantic anniversary present. :)

    Thanks for writing about HP.

  3. @Trista - I think you responded in a comment on one of your posts recently that we totally would be friends in real life... well, I concur. Anyone who has a love for (obsession with) Harry Potter is friend-worthy in my book! I totally agree with you though - that they'll be with us forever! It's just sad to think about what will come next in the literary world. HP has truly altered literature in a way I don't think we quite realize yet - getting kids who hate reading to love it!? Being on the bestseller list for so long that they changed the rules?! Causing parties to happen at a BOOKSTORE for the release?! Crazy.

    @Sarah - I want to go to the Wizarding World so badly! My sister just went with a friend for a "we're going to be college seniors" trip... I should do that! This sounds dorky... but I named my first iPod "Sirius Black" and then when I got an iPod touch, he was named "Albus Dumbledore"... haha I need to get a pet!

  4. I'm so looking forward to the last movie! Unfortunately, I have to wait until Friday to see it, as I work this week ànd prepare the camp for our girls. I'm going to the cinema with a good friend and fellow Potter-nerd, who will be going for the second time, as she will go for the midnight-release on her birthday. Talk about a great birthday present!


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