Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Exciting Debut Edition

Well, the weather here has been... interesting. It fogged over last night and hasn't cleared since. With this lovely fog has come an even lovelier dewy drizzle everywhere.

What does this have to do with what I wore to Mass, you say?

Well, it means me putting on a skirt and heels was not going to happen today. Helloooooooo pantalones!

But this is an exciting debut.

I bought my very first pair of skinny pants!

I know. I am pretty shocked too. I've always thought that the skinny cut was for... well, skinny people! but I thought I would give them a try and I don't think they look too bad! I decided to go all out too. They are dark purple cords (I went with a dark color as darker colors are more slimming to the figure) and they have a light paisley pattern on them.

So I need you all to be honest. And by honest, I mean lie in the comments and then privately e-mail me your honesty if you think I should never ever ever EVAH!!!! wear the skinny pants again. Because that's how Jesus would do it.

Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn.
In poor lighting. Sorry.
Close up of the print... which is still bad lighting.

More deets:

White v-neck sweater: Old Navy (clearance for $7)
Green scarf: Old Navy (on sale for $10)
Elle patterned skinny cords: Kohl's (originally $48, on clearance for $10, plus 30% off = $7 pants!)
Purple flats: Macy's (clearance $19)

Random thoughts from Mass:

- Who is not ready for the Christmas decorations to come down off the altar yet? This girl!
- I went to Mass at the parish where I teach catechism today, and the woman in front of me turned around and said I sing so beautifully and I should be in the choir. Aw shucks!
- I just really love simple music at Mass sometimes. Just a guitar and husband and wife duo led the music, and it was really beautiful.
- Does anyone else have a major problem focusing their thoughts on the actual Mass during Mass? Sometimes I feel like my mind is everywhere but what's actually happening. Thoughts for how to squash the wandering mind?
- Jesus is baptized! Holla! (That's how you say "Hallelujah!" in half the number of syllables) Even though Jesus did not need baptism whatsoever, I think it's awesome that he chose to "debut" himself to the community through baptism, just as we are all debuted to the Christian community at our baptisms!
- Did y'all know that Lent starts in one month?!? Yes, that's right. I'm already starting to ween myself off of chocolate.

Trot on over to Fine Linen and Purple to gander at all the other lovelies.


  1. I think you are rocking the skinnies girl! Just be prepared, buying a pair of skinnies is like "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie," you'll need more. I know how them in denim, black cords, gray x2, blue, black normal fabric, coral, yellow, and red.

    I have a problem.

  2. I think skinnies are just so dang awesome. Please tell me they'll never leave us! I like you interpretation of "Holla!"

  3. Skinnies are not my thing, but that doesn't mean they do not work. I also used to hate capris and 3/4 length sleeves and have since come around. Maybe I am just slow on the trends!

  4. I love those skinnies! I've been avoiding them for a long time but I finally bought a pair to wear with my boots and I like them far more than I thought I would! And that print is LOVELY, it looks fabulous =) (and what a steal!!)

    Your explanation of "holla" is awesome, I may use that in youth group this week! Lent being one month away seems ridiculous! I also don't want the Christmas decorations to come down. One parish I attend during the week took them down last Monday and I was liturgically irked!! Simple music makes me happy.

    I'm going to stop leaving you an epic

  5. You will not be getting an email from me! Those look great :) You're right...anyone can rock them! They are awesome for boots too. I can't lie to you either; I don't have time for Confession this week!

  6. Only 1 month till Lent? Say it ain't so!!! I like your scarf :) I can never seem to pull off scarves.

  7. Yes, I do in fact have the "distracted at Mass" problem. Unfortunately, I don't have a good solution, either.


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