Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: Emo Pose Edition

Another week, another Sunday!

Which means, of course, another reason to ogle at everyone's clothes!

You mean everyone doesn't take emo looking photos in their kitchen?
 My kitchen gets the best light, ok? I'm just thankful that the stove top is actually clean.

I feel like I ended up channeling a bit of Grace in that photo... Thanks for letting me steal your signature pose!

My attempt at looking more normal...
I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!
...ends up just looking kind of creepy.

You mean everyone doesn't have a creepy finger pose?

Guess it's just me.

And a close up of the boots, because they just don't like to photograph well.

Más details:
Green dress - Old Navy
Jean jacket - Old Navy, courtesy of Unique Thrift Store
Brown opaque tights - from the "I have no idea where I bought these" store
Brown boots - Merona, from Tarjet

As I am a walking ad for Old Navy today, it seems, I welcome them to send me free clothing and accessories to model. I'd willingly do that.

Mass details:
We got a homily on confession and a walk through of an examination of conscience, which I think is a homily that should be given more often.

I also got to see the transubstantiation and say hi to Jesus.

My overall Mass grade for myself is a C, because I got there early and prayed and hard core prayed before and after communion and stayed after Mass and prayed, but I was distracted by other thoughts most of the rest of Mass - unfortunately, said distraction did not involve a cute baby sitting in front of me that I was trying to plot how to steal. I guess I can't always win.

Make sure you trot on over to Fine Linen and Purple to sneak a peek at everyone else's Sunday best!


  1. Great combo! Cute! And if it is any consolation, you don't look "creepy" by any means! LOL, I can understand your cute baby comment on the other end b/c my cheery daughter often distracts the parishioners around us.

    1. Aw thank you for saying I don't look "creepy"! And shame on you for having a cute daughter!! ;)

  2. Green is one of my two favorite colors and I love the style of that dress! I have such a hard time finding dresses and skirts that flatter me, but that dress makes me want to try again!

  3. Hehe, I was wondering about the fingers too. I like your look regardless!

    1. I thought about taking a less creepy fingers photo, but then decided this one was just too creep-tastically good to not post.

  4. OH I love those boots! Can you ever go wrong with a pair of slouchy but stylin brown boots? Jean jackets have to be one of the most versatile pieces too right? I mean summer or winter they pair with sweaters, tees, dresses and anything else we dare to wear. But not all jean jackets are created equal I give you props for picking a great one!

    1. I was so lucky to find this jean jacket at the thrift store! I had been looking for one for a few months so I was definitely excited! Just needed a good wash to get rid of the stink and voila! Instant outfit finisher!

  5. Haha, I've def. done the head-to-toe Old Navy look before. I love those boots, and the jeans jacket looks great w/ your dress!

    1. In high school and much of college, I was a walking Old Navy ad... thankfully I've expanded my tastes a bit :)

  6. I love the boots! And the emo kitchen pose is awesome, I find that the more I participate in WIWS the more comfortable I am with trying (and posting) different poses!

  7. Loving the boots and the color of that dress! It looks great with the jean jacket!

  8. That green color looks SO good on you with dark hair! And I love the jean jacket!

  9. 1. Your kitchen gets the best light?! Lucky you. You should be a food blogger or something! ;-)

    2. I love the boots.

    3. Sounds like an awesome homily.

    1. I fear what would happen to the world if I were a food blogger...
      *So today folks, I'm going to bake something with butter and chocolate... let's get ready to get fat!!!*

      It was a good homily... but I can see that the priest lost a lot of people, unfortunately :(

  10. I like this outfit a lot, especially the dress!


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