Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes (#36)

The past couple of weeks, I've actually posted about more than just my clothes! I know this is shocking because this is obviously a fashion blog...

You'll be seeing this on the runway next season... but remember, you saw it here first!
Anyway, check out the latest non-clothed linkies - the one I wrote for the lads and the one that I just copied and pasted into an organized-ish list.

I also hope you all got a chance to read the guest post I had this week from the B-E-A-Uuuutiful Mary with her reflections on the single life from her view as a happily married woman! I just love her insight!

Speaking of guest posts, Amanda and I were talking a bit about how we never want to actually be good at living the single vocation... so I know that I am totally excited to read her thoughts coming soon!

Changing gears. Eeeeeep eeeeeeerrrrrrr eeeeeeerrrrrrrr squeak stop.

Have any of you tried the Crackle overcoat nail polish? I have been wanting to try it out, and I saw it at TJMaxx today for a fashionista steal, so I snagged a couple of bottles... and I am kind of disappointed. It looks more like a glitter polish than a crackle effect - so my question for all of you nail experts - WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!?! Help a gal out, because I will feel so lame if I have to return my $2 nail polish.

I have to say that St. Nick's Day is probably one of my favorite Catholic celebrations. Not only do we find little surprises in our stockings in the morning, but it's also fun to see all the Catholics come out on Facebook with pictures and posts about their stocking traditions!

Since I've always celebrated this tradition with my family, I thought it would be fun to share this tradition with my work family! I was lame and couldn't find my stocking while I was home, so thankfully, St. Nick was selfless and let me borrow his sock so I could still get some fun treats. It was fun being able to laugh at and ogle all the fun things we all got... and eat lots of candy. Mmmm candy.

So I've been trying to eat healthier and work out more... trying being the operative word that is currently failing. Do you all have any great tricks to help motivate yourself to eat better and get active?

Throwing away all the chocolate? (Not even an option for me!)

Getting new cute work out clothes? (Could work, right?!)

Carrying around bags of frozen vegetables in your purse so that you have to eat them? (I currently use my frozen peas as an ice pack so...)

Really, how do you all get motivated to be healthy?

I love making mixtapes... yes I actually still burn it onto a cassette tape. No, I'm totally kidding.

I have a very methodical way of making mixtapes for people, and each one I make is a personalized playlist for that specific person. I'm often telling a story with the music - whether it's a story of friendship or love or prayer or just geeking out over some awesome music that I know that specific person will enjoy - I just love going through all my music to find exactly what I want to evoke that meaning.

Making a mixtape is one of my tasks for this weekend. Do any of you ever make mixtapes for those you care about? Do you have a special method when you compile your playlist?


This is the song that is currently playing on repeat on my playlist...

Tis a love letter to my future husband.

Have a great weekend! 

Thanks to Jen as always for hosting!


  1. #5: Frozen peas are the BEST ice pack.

  2. I am the same way about mixed CDs! I spend so much time picking out the perfect songs for people! Great quick takes! And thanks for the shout out!


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