Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (#15)

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  1. Monday is the March for Life in Washington DC! Anyone coming around for it, or are you attending one in your region? I have to teach in the morning, so I'll miss the Youth Rally and Mass they hold at the Verizon Center each year, but I will be marching with many other students from the Newman Center in support of life. We had a priest come speak to us this week, and he brought two women who have had abortions in their past, and they told us about the amazing healing they've found through the Church. Women are so hurt by abortion, that it sometimes disgust me that so many "feminists" are pro-abortion. Let's pray that our voices will be heard this year as we speak up for all the unborn who can't speak and all the women who are hurting!
  2. This weekend, I'll be attending the FOCUS Conference in Baltimore, MD. I am so pumped to spend a weekend away from DC with thousands of Catholics. Mass every day, Adoration 24/7, music, speakers, food... can't get much better than that! Hopefully it will be a prayerful and "productive" experience, as well as a time to meet some new people!
  3. I found out this week that I've been chosen for an interview for the DC Teaching Fellows! That was some fun news... now I have to register for the Praxis II. I have been assigned to take the General Science exam... I hope they realize that the only science I am qualified (or want) to teach is CHEMISTRY. Goodness, it's not like I almost have a graduate degree in that subject! Just leaving everything in God's hands though - He knows what's best for me!
  4. I started teaching lab again this morning. It will be nice to have something to keep me a bit busier than I have been... I have run waaaay too many errands this week.
  5. I finally bought a frame for my Ophelia print that I bought at the Tate when I studied in London... 4.5 years ago. I'm excited to have it on my wall finally.
  6. Do you ever watch a movie that skips around through time, and you wonder - "Are you doing this to be artistic... or just to confuse me like crazy?" I sometimes think directors do it just to drive people crazy.
  7. Have I mentioned that I am really excited for FOCUS conference this weekend? I think I might have...


  1. I laughed when I read " I started teaching lab again this morning. It will be nice to have something to keep me a bit busier than I have been" I used to feel that way at a couple of my non-teaching jobs of old. I never feel that way with my current role as mom and part-time contractor. Sometimes all I want is a chance to do errands! Funny, the stages of life. Each a gift with blessings to count!

  2. I haven't been to the March for Life in years. Since HS, I think. Once we got snowed in and slept on the gymnasium floor at...well, it was a Catholic school next door to the National Shrine, I know b/c we walked over for Mass the next a.m.

    These days I'm becoming more and more passionate about the NFP apostolate, because contraception is really where it all begins. I don't think we'll ever legislate aborition away--not until people learn to view sexuality differently. So that's what I'm focusing on.

  3. Have fun at conference and the march! I wish I could go to both!

    3. Congrats!! That's so exciting!

  4. I went to college in MD, and hearing the silent no more post-abortion testimonies at the march for life is what made me pro-life! I hope you have a great experience!

    Have fun at the FOCUS conference!

  5. Have fun at the conference and the march! Will be praying for you!

  6. @Martianne - I absolutely LOVE running errands! But when I was running errands every day... it was getting a bit boring, and the wallet was getting a bit skinny.

    @Kathleen - I've been learning more about NFP and contraception and the links with abortion in the past year, and I agree. I'm a big believer in changing hearts one at a time to make a big impact.

    The march and the conference were both great - thanks for the prayers!


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