Friday, January 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (#16)

You know the drill... CONVERSION DIARY... word.

  1. The March for Life this week was fantastic! We had about 40 people from the Newman Center marching, and we ran into so many great groups - seminarians and priests and brothers and nuns and young people and old people... it was great to see so many people out showing our nation that LIFE is something that people care about.
  2. Earlier this week, Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary posted about her article in Envoy magazine. I promptly commented that Envoy was at the FOCUS Conference with free copies, and I excitedly picked up one and told all my friends, "I know her!" even though I actually only know her through my addiction to reading her blog. Well, surprise of all surprises, I got an email from her a couple of days later thanking me for my kind words and "awesome" comments... (Insert image of Liesl jumping up and down and getting a bit excited). Jennifer Fulwiler said I leave "awesome" comments. I mean, you have to admit, it's kinda cool. I feel like a famous person emailed me personally. I guess in the Catholic blogosphere, she is kinda famous, so I am legit in my excitement, right?
  3. Yes, I just used the word "legit". I'm still in my early-mid-20s, so I'm allowed to say stuff like that.
  4. I am a huuuuuge fan of Josh Groban - he is one of the few artists that is 1.65783 billion times better live than on his perfectly tweaked album - but I think this video displays his true talent like I've never seen it before. It's short. Check it out. If you're up with pop culture... you'll get a good laugh. (Warning: Some briefly bleeped language.)
  5. I've been getting a lot of traffic lately - which is FANTASTIC!!! If you're new around here, WELCOME! Hope you enjoy my snarky wit and insights into life. If you want to take some time and check out my Getting to Know You page, I'd love to hear more about you! Especially if you have a blog of your own, I would love to check it out... really, I spend way more time than I should looking at blogs. It's an addiction. Maybe someday we'll have support groups - Bloggers Anonymous. It could work.
  6. As I mentioned in this novel post, I've pretty much listened to nothing but Audrey Assad's album, The House You're Building, since FOCUS conference. I'm a little bit in love with it. So I'm going to share some more with you. You're welcome.
  7. It's Your Sacred Heart within me beating, Your voice within me singing out for love of You.
  8. You know that Olivia Newton John song "Physical"? (OK, side bar - the only way I know this song is because they did a remake on Glee. I wasn't actually born yet when the original was released. I apologize. Although, God already knew who I was!) I've been thinking of doing a remake called "Let's Get Spiritual"... I think it would be a big hit. I imagine my Billboard Top 40 hit as going something like this:
I'm praying all these things that I know you'll hear
Like whispering in Your ear 
I gotta listen closely now 
To learn Your will 
You take me broken, as I am 
Grace abounding freely 
Through the gift of his Sacred Heart 
You breathe into me 

 Let's get spiritual, spiritual 
I wanna get spiritual 
Let's get into spiritual 
Let me hear your Spirit talk, your Spirit talk 
Talk to my heart

          How's that for a spiritual... workout?!? Did you see what I did there? Heheheh.

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  1. You are absolutely legit in your excitement! It is like a famous person emailed you! Wow, that is so cool!

    Here we go again, being kindred spirits. I love Josh. I call him Joshy Poo, actually. The delusion is that bad. The first time I saw this video of Josh singing Kanye's tweets, I cried. He is SO funny and I'm glad people watching Jimmy Kimmel got to see this side of him.

    Nice remake, I like it!


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