Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

We call today Good Friday because of the infinite grace that abounds from Jesus' passion. Today, in a way, we celebrate suffering, because it shows us that we are human and it reveals Christ to each one of us. Through our suffering, we are able to join with Christ on the cross, even if our suffering is only a mere splinter of the heavy burden he carries. Through suffering, he fully shares in our humanity, uniting each of us with him.

A friend found this great explanation on the meaning of suffering - I Scream Therefore I Am. This excerpt in particular shows why suffering is so crucial to understand our desire for God:
We rage and weep because of suffering because we know deep down that we are destined for something better. Our existential wail in the face of suffering is so deep because we know that we were made for infinite happiness. Our fury at the irrational evil of suffering is because we know deep down that there must be a rational meaning and a reasonable answer. The pain and suffering is our deepest awareness of our need--yea our demand--for joy.


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