Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (#23)

  1. I love how my Feedjit is always going crazy with people coming to my blog from all over the world! I would love to get to know more about you! Check out my Getting to Know YOU post.
  2. Are you praying for the Pope? Join us as we pray a novena for the Pope for his 84th birthday present! It starts today and continues up until his birthday... so it's not too late! Check it out here.
  3. Last week, I had a friend from college visit me for a week, and this weekend, two of my cousins are here to visit! It has been fun playing tourist with them, because sometimes I forget that I live in this amazing city where there is so much to do! Today, we are heading to a couple of the Smithsonian museums, Chinatown, Ford's Theater, and then maybe we'll make it until dinner time. I hope to take them out to the Basilica as well!
  4. Last week, I had a tourist ask, "If you only had 2 days in DC, what would have to be on your list of things to do or see?" That's an easy answer for me... see the memorials and monuments at night. Gorgeous! My drive to and from campus some evenings gives me a front seat view to the Lincoln Memorial at night, and it is beautiful to behold. Crazy that humans are able to construct such beauty out of rocks, and yet some people still don't believe that we have a Divine Architect in charge of it all...
  5. I am in the process of searching for a new roommate for (at least) the summer months. If you know any young women looking for a place in the DC area, let me know!
  6. On the topic of "searching", I am looking for a job. I will be graduating with a Master's in Chemistry in May, so I am ready to entire the career world! Unfortunately, I still really am not sure what I want to do. I am looking at jobs with Catholic organizations and teaching high school chemistry in Catholic schools in addition to chemistry positions. If you know anyone who is hiring or looking to fill a position, please let me know! I would also appreciate any hints on where to search, as I am feeling a little lost in the job searching world right now.
  7. God rested on the seventh day, and I'm going to take a rest on my 7th quick take so I can get ready to play tourist today!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Take 'em to the Basilica! My old stomping grounds :) D.C. is a great place to visit. Hope you and they have fun!

  2. is a great place to look for jobs. You can search by state and type of position as well. Hopefully that helps!


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