Monday, November 19, 2012

What I Wore Sunday... errrrrr, Monday!

Let me 'splain. I had planned on wearing the below photographed outfit to Mass on Sunday, but for undisclosed reasons, it didn't happen. You don't get a picture of what I actually wore to Mass because my hair was a ratty squirrel's nest, which no one needed to see (sorry people in the pew behind me!).

So, instead, you get "What I wore to work Monday and had planned on wearing to Mass on Sunday but just didn't happen", which is far too long for a link up title.

I didn't want to miss out on the linkage love with all of you ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple, so I hope you all can forgive me for posting what I actually wore on Monday. If you can't, you can kick me out or ban me from next week's post, I totally understand.

Someday I'll find a way to take a decent, not awkward, self portrait. Til then...
As I wrote about last week, I love playing with color, and I got to do that with this outfit. It might be hard to see because the lighting is so utterly terrible in my apartment, but I am wearing a new teal skirt (bought for a steal from Ross), a white tee (Van Heusen from the thrift store), a pink berry colored scarf (from a London street seller), brown boots (Merona from Target), and a yellow beaded bracelet (Kohl's). 

Yes, all these colors do go together!

Scarf-less, but always with the knee pop.
To be honest, I originally hadn't planned on wearing the scarf all day, but for some reason, my office was freezing, so it stayed put. I think it actually adds some more fun to the outfit though!

Off to put on my running clothes... but you all probably don't care because there isn't a "What I Wore to Sweat In" link-up, which is probably a good thing.


  1. I love all those colors together, and the skirt + boots look!

  2. The scarf is THE piece for this the color!!!

  3. I loveee this! Did you wear this to work? ;)

    1. I did! I just had to say no to the jeans for one day!

  4. Those colors absolutely work together - you look great!

  5. I second that the colors look amazing--sometimes I think my outfit's too bright, but then end up being glad that I added the little something extra. Your scarf is perfect!


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