Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

Long time, no post.

Which means you're going to get the longest post EVAH!!!

Just kidding. You get a picture of me with a few words. You are so lucky!

This week I am linking up with the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple with "What I Wore Sunday", because who doesn't love talking about their clothes.

Me and my fine posing/computer photography skillz.
What I am trending right now, H2T:

Rocking the bushy squirrel tail ponytail
Purple and white striped sweater, from Old Navy
Khaki slacks, from NY&Co, but purchased for a major major steal from my favorite thrift store, with the tags still on them!
Purple suede shoes, from Macy's

I usually rock a skirt or dress to Mass, but I went this morning instead of my usual evening Mass, so you get lazily dressed Liesl for today.

Hope all of you have had a fantastically wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty much awesome :)


  1. Great buy, and who doesn't love purple?!?!

  2. Don't you love finding brand-new stuff at thrift stores?! The Goodwill near my office gets all of the overstock from Old Navy and Target, so I've definitely found a few gems that way. Loving your colored shoes--I much prefer color to neutrals, and you wear them well!


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