Monday, November 26, 2012

What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

First, can we just talk about how Grace gave me a shout out on her blog? Yes, it's hidden in a bunch of other names, but she called me "lovely", and I am nothing but humble and always so grateful. To show my gratitude, maybe I will post another recipe sometime between soon and next year.

Also, I feel like all I've written about this month has been my clothing, creatively tagged "Fashion"... well, except for this little shout out to the lads! Oh well, off to talk about clothes some more!

I went pretty casual to Thanksgiving dinner because we were at The Woods, which is only one of my favorite places ever in the whole wide world.

My grandparent's have a cabin out in Amish country, and we have lakefront property in a heavily wooded area. It's so gorgeous there, obviously.
Cabin on the right, garage on the left, lake in the picturesque backdrop!
Nothing beats the view from my back porch lookin' in!
Our Thanksgiving days o' fun consisted of driving around the property in our golf cart turned fire truck...
Pre-Thanksgiving outfit... I had planned to go running
but obviously left that behind for my God-given talent of modeling.
...running after our cute cousins, including my always hilarious godson...
There's my actual Thanksgiving outfit! Can you see it?!
My Godson, whose name is NOT Lloyd,
told me to call him Lloyd because that is his ninja name... I don't even know...
...setting up a new swing...
Also known as me and some cousins...
...watching the men set up the new swing.
...enjoying said new swing...
Me having fun on the right in my day after Thanksgiving outfit,
also titled, "When did it suddenly become so cold outside?!?"
...working on this massive crossword puzzle which is only the greatest thing ever (except for my eyes, it's the worst)...
Crosswords are my brain break at work... it's weird, I know.
...bundling up for the cold night hike...
Always fashionable, I am.
..."Black Friday" shopping at my favorite Amish bakery and furniture store...
True story!
...oh, and eating, of course! But no one takes a picture of that, because we're eating... obviously.

What makes me a fashion icon, obviously:
Brown cable knit cardigan - Old Navy (so old that even Old Navy has forgotten about it)
Coral print faux wrap tee - Merona from Target (I love this tee so much that I have it in 3 patterns and colors...)
Trouser jeans - Old Navy (I wore them here too!)
My new kicks - Nike (bought for a steal at JCPenney Outlet)

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! Be sure to go check out everyone else's leave-room-for-turkey-and-cranberry-sauce outfits, because we all love clothes that make us look good while we're chowing down.


  1. I love that wireless sign in the amish store what is funnier is that one of our neighbors has a wifi connection called "AmishOnly"

  2. The faux wrap t's are my favorite! I have coral and navy!


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